About this Course

It is critical for all educators to know what the research says about how children learn how to read. What the Research Says: Effective Reading Instruction for All Students is a free, self-paced training course that will deepen your understanding of the reading research, with the ultimate goal of ensuring more equitable literacy instruction for students. In each module, we’ll unpack a component of skilled reading and make connections to best practices for instruction.


This course will be helpful to teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders in education who want to build their knowledge of how children learn to read with the goal of improving student outcomes. While some of the foundational skills topics will feel more relevant to elementary audiences, we have designed all sessions to also be applicable to educators working with older students. In light of the lasting impact of Covid-19, it is essential for educators supporting adolescent readers to be well-versed in foundational reading skills so they can identify and address unfinished instruction.