Our Approach

Engaging all Educators

Our process engages all educators, from teachers to superintendents, in improving instruction.  We create collaborative teams and take the time to understand local context when developing our supports.

Customized and Adaptive

There is no “one size fits all” approach to building rigorous instructional programs. Our partnerships are tailored to build on your strengths. Together, we set goals, build a custom plan, and measure our impact over time, using data to prioritize our efforts.

Standards-Aligned Content

Our trainings are fully aligned to the expectations of college and career ready standards.  Educators explore the instructional shifts, high quality curricula, and content-specific pedagogy in literacy and math through cycles of learning, application, and reflection.

Our Work

  • Assessment of School Quality

  • Standards-Aligned ELA and Math Professional Development

  • Curriculum-Specific Training

  • Instructional Leadership Training and Support

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Professional Learning Communities

Our Process

  • 1


    Review data, observe schools and classrooms, and interview teachers, leaders, and community members to understand the needs of students and educators.

  • 2


    Create a customized, data-driven plan to continue improving teaching and instructional leadership, including topics for professional learning, curriculum implementation, and educator mindset.

  • 3


    Partner with leaders to implement curricula and training, guide teacher development, and create systems that improve teacher practice and student performance.

  • 4


    Collaborate to implement a measurement plan and collect quantitative and qualitative data to drive instructional decision making.

  • 5


    Reflect and analyze formative data to track progress towards goals, measure improvements in student outcomes, and prioritize next steps.